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Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
The two volume thing is a reference to a spinoff comic, where another girl found out about Subaru's secret and ended up being employed by Kanade to keep her quiet about it.
Wow, thanks! I wasn't even aware there was a spinoff! Now it makes a bit more sense because I thought it was strange they were introducing a new character in the final chapter.

Originally Posted by Onnasis View Post
I prefer milady or something like that to ojousama though

then, correction

...Somehow it feels the same as if she had a worldly aura about her
wordly aura ? I think that supposed to be worldly-wise man aura
Nakura-chan in fourth line before end should be Nakuru.
To be honest, never even thought about the ojousama part. I try to keep titles and names as similar to the Japanese version as possible. The only exception I made was for Ossan, which is the name Jirou uses for Nagare, so I translated it to the "old man" pronoun.

And I had a bad feeling about that "wordly aura" line, but I couldn't figure out what he was implying, so I moved on and forgot about it. I don't remember any mention of Nakuru in that passage, but I'll double check tonight. Thanks for the feedback!
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