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LOL, I enjoy Bleach as much as the next person, but this chapter was one big ass pull. WTF is an Ausachi? The term has never been used prior to this arc and I can't even remember what its supposed to be. It just seems like a term that was thrown in to say, "Hey look Ichigo isn't a shinigami," despite all evidence saying otherwise. I guess Zangetsu is just his imaginary friend. .
The term has been around since the SS arc and is the nameless unrealesed sword that all Shinagami are given. I'm starting to think they might not be playing the Ichigo isn't a Shinigami card so much as Zangetsu never was an Ausachi since Ichigo formed it from a broken hilt so Ouetsu can't reforge it only Ichigo can

Then there's the whole Isshin was from the Shiba clan. As cool as it is to tie into the significance of the mentioned similarity between Kaien and Ichigo near the beginning of the series, as others have already said, there's a major plot hole with absolutely nobody recognizing Isshin. Maybe Kubo will think up some reason, but nonetheless, obvious ass pull is obvious.
As I stated before I belive Shiro has only been a captain for 50 years, The same amount of time Rukia has been a Shinigami so she would have never have seen him. It also seems that he became a captain after Shinji's group left 100 years ago. Well assumeing he didn't talk to them off screen they only saw him durring the Azein fight after which Ichigo lost his powers so it's not like they had time to talk about it while Ichigo could see him. I think it is safe to say Isshin has one of the untraceable giga
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