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Originally Posted by Fireminer View Post
My father is a movie writer, and so I could say that I've a bit of knowledge about the relation of the industry with commercial. In movies and drama series, you've insertion of brand names. Every second is counted as money. But for Anime, I rarely see that - in fact, C.C and Pizza Hut is the only example of that method. Except series that are specially aimed to merchandise, advertising is not very common on anime. So, could anyone tell me about the relation between studios and enterprises who want their names appear on the screen? Other than their own resources, do studios get financial help from different sources?
Are you under the impression that there are no commercials between the A, B, C parts of the anime?
Both the pirated "fansubs" and legal streams you watch simply have those cut out.

The sponsorship varies greatly depending on the airtime of course, with late-nights focusing on the original right holders and its related merchandises. (manga, novels, magazines, etc)
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