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I've actually voted for 6 characters, it might defeat the purpose of selecting your favorite, but I think the characters are what really makes this show great, and they each attend to their given role excellently.
  1. Nagi. Aside from being absolutely adorable, lovable and voiced by one of my favorite voiceactors, she's also an otaku, adding plenty of moe. Because of her lack of interest in any school work, she almost rivals Konata in the "I so recognize that" department, and she's just generally likable. I also happen to find her love for Hayate to be one of the more interesting parts of the plot, as well as a good excuse for her to show her tender and gentle side.
  2. Maria. Being a good looking, soft-voiced and calm maid alone should be plenty to win me over, but Maria shows qualities beyond even these. I just adored how she let go of her usual self and enjoyed herself at the karaoke. She has the important role of limiting the stupid characters antics, and does so in a way almost everyone can enjoy, thumbs up for this lovely woman. (Just in case any some smart-ass notices; yes, I didn't vote for Maria, but I meant to =p)
  3. Hayate Hayate is someone I can really respect, he's hard working and shows great loyalty and gratitude towards Nagi. It must take one tough guy to be able to actually support your parents throughout your childhood, but Hayate seems to be the kind of guy who just keeps on going no matter what. He even kept a smile on his face for the most of it, that's just admirable. His friendly attitude and down-to-earth aura makes this protagonist a must-have on my list.
  4. Hinagiku I don't really have to explain, I suppose, but I'll still say a few words.
    Her introduction sold me, fear of heights, that's just incredibly moe, no doubt about it. She is the most visually appealing character in the series, and every episode where she's included almost automatically becomes awesome.
  5. Isumi. Isumi is an interesting character. One the one hand, we see a girl who's ridiculously clumsy and airheaded, and on the other we see an experienced, professional ghost exorcist. I love the recurring pun where she mysteriously vanishes and somehow gets lost miles away, and she has a certain calm that adds a lot to series. I also love her voice, it's very distinct.
  6. Narrator. This guy adds so much to the show. His sarcastic narration and especially his mockery of Hayate makes this show what it is, constantly breaking the forth wall and just creating the sort of atmosphere we've all grown to love. His voiceactor did an excellent job bringing this "character" to life, I'm very impressed.
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