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Originally Posted by Razer_2mb
You're an animator? That's a rare thing to see on message boards for me....

Anyway, I hope you realized that some people don't like the kinf of animatio used of this series (ie. Me.) As for the sequences, do you really think they're that well done? Sure the OVA has a fairly good framerate allowing it to flow, but it doesn't help if it confuses te living crapp out of you.

It is different to dislike the style something is drawn in, than to dislike the drawing itself. In the same way, you may have very valid reasons for disliking a well animated show, that has nothing to do with how well done the animation is.

Perhaps you didn't like the pacing of the scenes, or the composition of the shots. Perhaps things happened too quickly for you, and you missed vital points that left you confused from that point on. Perhaps you didn't like the drawing style, many people confuse that for disliking how well they are drawn or animated.

There are even different styles of animation itself. What moves, how it moves. Do the characters have defined joints or wobbly tube arms that happen to bend in a similar fashion to real arms? How much squash and stretch is present? How realistic or fantastic is the motion portrayed?

I'm not questioning the fact that there is something there that you don't like, just what exactly what that something is.

As for me being an animator, it is unfortunately by skills only at this time. I went to school for animation, graduated (with heaps of praise from my 2D animation instructors, if I may toot my own horn just this once), and immeadiately found a ruined and desolate job market that holds no future for all but the best, and most experienced, and even many of them are left out in the cold. Right now I'm trying to get into illustration, design, and a bit of comics. If nothing else, I'll try and settle into a comfortable video game design position somewhere, after building up a name for myself with freelance work.
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