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Originally Posted by Radd
Perhaps you didn't like the pacing of the scenes, or the composition of the shots. Perhaps things happened too quickly for you, and you missed vital points that left you confused from that point on. Perhaps you didn't like the drawing style, many people confuse that for disliking how well they are drawn or animated.
Vital points? That's a good one. Most of the important things didn't happen until episode 4. It got less druged up ::or so druged up I knew what was going on: If I can understand Excel Saga the whole way through, I can understand the events of FLCL. For the love of God, they confessed they were taking drugs while making this anime a few years back. (And I'm not surprized.)

Vital points? Yeah, right. This makes the fastest, most confusing anime around look sane and able to keep up with. I've seen more plot and character development in one episode of Pocket Monsters than in the whole series of FLCL. (and thatt's just downrigh insulting. For shame, GAINAX. For shame.) I was being nice giving it 3 stars. I should've just stuck with the 2/5 originally.

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