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So because one side has no interest in peace, it's okay for the other side to wipe out the other entirely? Because that's what Flit wants.

Again, attending your son's wedding is something you make time for. The only acceptable excuse would have been something serious enough that would have put Asem in action too.

There's too much Flit siding here. The only people who wish to commit mass-murder/genocide (and there's no argument here; Flit's wording precisely states he wants to wipe out all Vegans) are not good people. Good luck finding any other Gundam characters without serious issues who wouldn't smack Flit in the face. There's no defending someone who wants to wipe out an entire race. There's just no excuse. The only thing that will save Flit from becoming truly evil now is if sopmebody stops him, or he has an epiphany and stops himself, but commiting genocide is not what a good guy does. There's just no arguing that.
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