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Originally Posted by M1sFyr3 View Post
o.o, no one would have quest access to things then and all the newbies would get eaten up. Also, Fus Ro Dah with like 30 people parties on one boss would be funny , especially with some of the better shouts from player mods, such as Fucktons of Trains
I don't know my skyrim was quite bug free. I didn't have bugged quests and monsters didn't eat me and I was playing on Master with 2H sword which is inferior.
Don't know about mod added shouts.
But Storm Call is more than enough to kill your whole pt and anything near you ^^.

Hmmm still I wonder how only sword based mmo would play like. There is one in production atm called Gloria Victis which will only have medieval sword fights without stupid magic and stuff.
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