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Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. I learned some time ago that you'll never satisfy the people who care the most about "gender roles" and "sexism". Well, that's not entirely true - You might satisfy them by doing what Hollywood tends to do: Pretty much any female character of import (and certainly the female lead) is a very high-achieving kickass heroine that's never allowed to be wrong or show weakness, is always ready with a witty comeback, is often the (snarky) voice of reason, is extremely good at multiple disciplines, and often is better than everybody else at virtually everything. Some female characters being like this is fine, but diversity is the spice of life as they say (and anime thankfully recognizes that).
Actually, quite a few feminists would argue that those characters are sexist as well since it implies that a woman has to be exceptional to have any worth.

There definitely were sexist elements in this episode. The cooking not so much, since it makes sense in terms of her character. But cowering behind Kirito when Kuradeel shows up ... well, imagine how many people would be crying "emasculation!" if the scene were genderflipped. Even if people can explain her behavior in terms of plot, Kawahara still chose to write the plot in a way where that scene happens.
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