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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
Riven was always good on Twisted Treeline. The less people the better.

Bit confused about this whole honor/badge thing. I've mainly seen red Honorable Opponent ones, the odd green Teamwork one and one yellow Leader one. Confused as to why my Honorable Opponent ones still shows and has since 27 points (now at 47) yet my Teamwork is at 100 (supposedly the cap) and nothing ever popped up to do with it.
Honorable Opponent only requires receiving it per so many games played and at least some minimal value (and it oddly common in 1100-1400 ELO range, but normal in other ELOs according to Riot), the other ones apparently have some secondary requirement (from friendly and helpful), and I can say the cap on honor isn't 100, I am a bit over 125 Teamwork.

The "Master Mentor" one is suppose to be the rarest (from helpful honor).

Also their is hidden "value" of each honor point that depends on person giving it to you I believe.
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