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Originally Posted by Helius View Post
Well I can understand Palmer's attitude towards Halsey. If she does fully know what Halsey did during the war, then all the more reason to dislike her.

Palmer is a career soldier who's conditioned, for the lack of a better word, to respect the chain of command. So Halsey represents the opposite of everything she stands for - disregarding authority, compromising operational integrity et al, regardless of her good intentions and what Forerunner loot she brought back from her little Onyx excursion which, by then, the war had already ended. Not to mention taking a bunch of Spartans with her when they were most needed for the war effort.
OTOH....all those Spartan augmentations that give her Spartan IV's the capability she's so proud of? ("Spartans do in 30 minutes what Marines do in 24 hours") That's something that Halsey created. It's kinda of hypocritical for Palmer to arrogantly lavish in her transhuman abilities while at the same time grilling Halsey for the methods she used to develop those transhuman augmentations in the first place.
Originally Posted by Helius View Post
I think it may help develop Palmer's character if it was revealed that she lost a lot of men during the war because she was promised Spartan backup and they didn't come cos Halsey took them.
Halsey didn't exactly *take* all those Spartans. She requested Spartan reinforcements from Lord Hood, and he gave them to her.

I think that's what pissed allot of older Halo EU fans off about the Karen Travis books. The way Halsey's detention was written came off as just a way for Traviss to soapbox how much she thought Halsey was a despicable person, while using a person who is arguably an even worse than Halsey as a mouth piece.

And keep in mind. This is coming from somebody who WANTED Halsey to go under the grills a little for what she did.
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