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Originally Posted by Helius View Post
Well I can understand Palmer's attitude towards Halsey. If she does fully know what Halsey did during the war, then all the more reason to dislike her.
Technically speaking I think most people would be fine if the military hated Halsey for insubordination and taking the Spartans with her to Onyx when they could've been fighting on Earth.

The problem is that they're treating her like she's satan because she took kids and turned them into spartans. Even worse is that the people that are treating her like that are the ones who benefited from her work. I mean how can you treat a person as a "mass murderer" when your using things that that one person created for you to use to your benefit?

I think that's what pissed allot of older Halo EU fans off about the Karen Travis books. The way Halsey's detention was written came off as just a way for Traviss to soapbox how much she thought Halsey was a despicable person, while using a person who is arguably an even worse than Halsey as a mouth piece.
Is that why Travis is taking it so personally?

OTOH....all those Spartan augmentations that give her Spartan IV's the capability she's so proud of? ("Spartans do in 30 minutes what Marines do in 24 hours") That's something that Halsey created. It's kinda of hypocritical for Palmer to arrogantly lavish in her transhuman abilities while at the same time grilling Halsey for the methods she used to develop those transhuman augmentations in the first place.
It falls into that whole ethics about the experiments performed by the Nazis during WWII. They made great strides in science but at the cost of human lives so yeah it is hypocritical. You can't go and treat and talk down someone as a war criminal when your walking around using all of the benefits that came from that person's "ethical" work.
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