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If you ask me i don't really care that much.
once i got use to everything in Gimp i could do a decent amount of things in it i could do in Photoshop the Big difference between them are options and customizable additions.

like the nifty save for web isn't on a Gimp

and if u want to animate ur name or something for a sig u can do it in both programs. Its just that in one it has the tools to do it easily, while the other also can do animation but its a strenuous task. but in the end u still end up with the same animatoin.

I'd say if ur more a hands on kind of guy use gimp, if ur not use to it and how u have to figure out how to do something the same way in Gimp as in Photoshop then just use photoshop.

personally i didn't mind Gimp. actually a good deal of my more older sigs and the c4d ones were made using Gimp. After i finally got myself a PS it kind of felt harder to readjust back to it. And there are some pretty neat things u can do for gimp too.

like u can find a script to do a lot of things in the click of an action.
and there are color options in gimp which are similar to those in PS but i actually preferred gimps for watever reason.
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