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Well, since price is one of the key competitive advantages of the GIMP over Photoshop, and since widespread piracy of Photoshop renders this advantage moot, I'd argue that this is relevant to the discussion.
Right, it is relevant when someone doesn't rule out pirating Photoshop. However, Ledgem did rule it out. WanderingKnight is the one who brought up the piracy angle, with an honest question that had a good point but one that wasn't meant for a thread where the original poster makes a pretty clear intent that GIMP being free was a selling point to him.

As for comparing features between the programs, a quick Google search brings up dozens of articles: This one is quite informative.
Yes, and I'm sure he did some research before coming to a community of people who use such programs on a regular basis, to get more "hands on" opinions. There's lots of articles and tutorials for Photoshop spread around the internet and we still have a sticky topic about it here too.

My reply was mostly in reaction to the rather ignorant suggestion that free software is per se inferior to proprietary products, and that the widespread use of Photoshop represented an active choice by users after careful comparison. The first of these is definitely false, and I suspect the second is false as well.
I agree with you. And I'd cookie you for the post if I could. Still gotta spread some around first.
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