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Unfortunately, the August issue of Gundam Ace doesn't tell more information than the announcement of the Origin anime ("as soon as there's new information you will read it in this magazine"). After the last chapter of Origin, an interview with Yasuhiko and Kaiji Kawaguchi, mostly about the depiction of war in manga and anime is attached. A new Zeta manga (Define Zeta) started, the first chapter follows the anime so far. There are two interviews with Shuichi Ikeda, one in regard of the Zeta manga and one in regard of the CCA manga. Seeing that they give him so much coverage makes it really hard to imagine that they would cast a new VA for Char.
Ah, and this time on "Please tell me, I'm Tomino" - on the way to the technology of the Gundam age: An interview with Tomino and professor Yamane of the Tokyo City University about cars fueled by hydrogen.
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