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Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu View Post
Part of me thinks any real noteworthy news on Origin is far off. They haven't picked out a format yet.

I give it another like...2-3 months before we get a release date and or format announcement. And another year before any footage.

I hate waiting.
Hopefully the timeframe is similar to Unicorn's... That was first officially announced in Gundam Ace in April 2009, then the format was announced in August, and the first OVA came out in Feb/March 2010.

Then again, this seems to be in pre-production right now, and if they decide that these will be theatrical movies, we might be getting a Evangelion Rebuild kind of release schedule, which would majorly suck (like 7+ years for everything to be released from point of announcement, if not worse)
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