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Originally Posted by Takamura Mamoru View Post

Mmmhh... Armpits... (≖‿≖)
Oh, yes! It would be much better if every female in Nanoha have own armpits shot

Originally Posted by Craxuan View Post

Hmm, Traingle Hearts?

Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
Some awesome pics, followed by something hilarious.

Spoiler for Size:
I don't know what's all about but we need a translation for this. Now! It's freaking epic to have Destroyah as Caro's new dragon Summon.

It's scary how Caro managed to level up big time when given tits.

An guess on the translation at the title screen says that it's called "Yuuno's Bizzare Adventure".

Here's some miscellaneous images:

Spoiler for Size:

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