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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Closing your ears to the argument won't change it. The anime addresses at least two loose ends that the manga never explored.

Ultimately, it can be seen that anime-original content can be beneficial, especially if the story creator has his hand in the creation of said content.
I'm not closing my ears to it. I'm willing to discuss this. I just don't want to bring this thread off-topic by talking about another series entirely and anger the mods...
If you want to argue this, start a discussion in one of the Railgun threads and PM me to let me know (though I do check the Raildex threads when I see there are new posts out of habit)...

NOTE: I am not saying that anime original content is intrinsically bad. However, I am saying that most of the anime original content I've seen for adaptations from another medium has generally been subpar and can in some case completely distort the mood of the series.

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