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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Hypothesis: an omnipotent being exists, created the universe, has enough bandwidth to process *all* incoming calls, sufficient computing power to run universe simulation, etc.
In discussing the existence of a supreme being, as some one who does believe there is one, I agree that hypothesis is easily proven false.

Speaking in terms of Judaism and Christianity (both because of my lack of qualification to speak of anything else and their obvious influence in the mostly-western/less-so-global ideas of God), that is a mistaken hypothesis. I can't call it a straw-man (not that I would accuse you of such, Vexx), because so many people believe that's what they teach.

In Judeo-Christian understanding (though admittedly not the understanding of all who claim to adhere to it--heck, not even most of them), God designed the universe to be self-operating and self-sustaining, not relying on Him to make any action to keep the earth in rotation/start the precipitation process/switch the seasons/whatever. Attributing any action directly to God is mostly metaphorical in the sense of attribution to the creator, the sense of "what substance is the universe made from?", or the sense that it was perhaps arranged by him.

In short, the understanding is that every aspect of the universe was designed to run on auto-pilot, and any cases of manual intervention are done strictly by proxy.

Knowing this is why it irks me that people claim a scientific understanding of how the universe works or began disproves the idea of God. Not at all: It only disproves a misinterpretation of what these religions taught about God.

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