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And while Blizzer shows himself a poster-child of patronizing, hypocritical, nonsense who failed to address my post and indeed went after the part I explicitly said I wasn't going to discuss (the moral guidance part) - and says this:
all agnosticism and atheism breeds is close-minded,selfish people, whereas most religious followers strive to be morally virtuous
... thus *being* what he accuses those outside his beliefs are. I'm sure Jerry Falwell, Dick Cheney, Bob Roberts, Tom DeLay, etc are all morally virtuous in their own minds. I guess all my volunteer and charity work, my willingness to examine new viewpoints equate to selfishness and close-mindedness. What a bunch of orwellian doublethink on the part of the poster.

Then he proceeds to claim several posters making reasoned responses "make no sense" and demonstrates he's got no clue about what the scientific method is about .... sanctimonious is the nicest thing that comes to mind.

Fortunately, Kyuusai shines through as a thinking example of the kind of religious person I can have discussions with. I'd give him a dozen cookies for leading me to write as civil a post as this is. (Of course, some strains would burn him at the stake as quickly as I for having such Deist (aka modern Christian theological thoughts ). People of any faith or not could take clues from how he thinks and comports himself .

This thread is about what religious beliefs we have and why we believe them. I was explaining why I think as I do and got personally attacked by someone apparently very insecure with their own views. Very bad move on their part ...

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