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In regards to this whole "Crusades" and "Jihad" discussion -

From what I understand, events of this nature are not perpetrated by the members of the religion at large, but rather by isolated extremist groups, who either take their religious texts too literally, or not literally enough. The Crusades (and now I'm assuming we're talking about the goings on in the middle ages, forgive me for not remembering dates) were a bit of a different scenario, in that those who chose not to go along with the Crusaders, were persecuted as heretics. Although the Crusades were still largely carried out by extremist sects of Christianity, the entire religion was sort of dragged along by the coattails because of what those people were actually trying to accomplish (a "cleansing," if you will, of the Christian faith).

Jihads, I think, are on a slightly similar wavelength, though slightly different as well. For the most part, Islamic and Muslim leaders who discuss Jihads, do so by aligning them with a specific (or non-specific) group of extremists (lately, Al-Qaeda has been popular). And I think, in a sense, that is true. From what I've bore witness to, Islamic and Muslim leaders neither agree with, nor adhere to, the standards and definitions procured by these groups. It's something like extremist Christianity; there's lots of people who believe the world is only as old as the Bible (Fundamentalist Christians), but that's certainly not the majority of the religion's followers. It's only one interpretation of the text, and it encompasses just a small group of believers, when compared against the whole Christian world. In a sense, those who participate in extremist Jihads are of the same fashion, in a different religion.

Maybe that's what you were trying to say all along, but that was just sort of burning in my brain, so I thought I'd spew it onto the page...
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