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Originally Posted by Cub-Sama View Post
Sometimes hearing a girl with a british accent makes me want to punch them in the face, shove my shoe down their throat and set it on fire so I never have to hear their voice again. By british accent I mean essex accents, most of the time it is high-pitched and uberly annoying, especially when they try to act gangsta and get threaten people, it isn't threatening at all just annoying
Isn't that a little mean

Originally Posted by xxcara_miaxx View Post
I'm with you. I like the calm, soft english accents. I hate the hard accents in england where they miss half their le'ers (letters) etc and act all gangtsa grrr.
Everyone around my area speaks like that, it's annoying. But I talk normally, although I do miss out the odd le'er

Originally Posted by Harufox View Post
If you must ask...then you're better not knowing
No, tell me!

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