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Originally Posted by Chandalen View Post
I just want someone to FINISH Full Metal Panic ;_;
I wonder why the interest in making another series seems to have subsided. They really should have released one sooner, because now mech anime seems to be less popular than it was a few years ago. From reading some of the light novels back in the day, I know they have plenty of source material to choose from.

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
The second season broke it so bad, I vote for completely rebooting the series.

Watch the movie for an example of them doing it right.
As I've gotten older I've become a bit grumpier about these anime-only endings/adaptations.

I know sometimes it's unavoidable given budget/time constraints (or lack of source material), but really... Don't adapt a light novel/manga then change its storyline when it suits you financially. You're better off just not adapting it at all (well, they are better off adapting it since they make money... but for everyone else).
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