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Originally Posted by brocko View Post
^ Yea even though they did touch it up, it was still pretty much 90% of the same old stuff which was slightly disappointing to see... =/ Imagine if they had gone back and gave the entirety of Kai the same treatment as the new OP and ED. Godlike.
If Dragon Ball is gonna be remade, I certainly don't want TOEI to do it. In my opinion, that studio has been producing animes with LOW-level animation and some of the worse seiyuus. I still can't stand the voice of the adult Goku till this very second and some voices in One Piece are bad too . I want a proper studio to do it. Imagine if DB has decent seiyuus and animation like Utawarerumono or To Aru Majutsu Index for example.

Hmm... is Shuffle!'s main hero kinda frigid or what?
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