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Originally Posted by Shimapan View Post
You're underestimating the competitiveness of girls. With all the other girls being green of envy for her success, it's not strange that the other girls are avoiding her. If anything, I'm a bit surprised that she's not mobbed by especially envious girls for being so popular with the guys.
But there has to be a single girl in the campus who can agree to "hang around and chill" with her right? My Japanese friends informed me about this issue in Japan and it really bugles(spelling?) my mind because its as easy as approaching a person and saying hi, meet people they know and so on and so on. Even in Japanese culture, not all girls in campus are competitive for guys right? Besides who doesn't want to hang out with a perfect girl?

Originally Posted by Shimapan View Post
Wrong, money *can't* buy friends. Money can ony attract greedy people who'll do anything to get the money, including pretending to be a friend, but that's it.
OK now this is really getting me. I may have underestimated Sena's desire to have a friend. Having a "friend" and a Real Friend can be 2 different things but can also be very similar. Because in my logic, for a rich girl like her, it doesn't really matter if they are just pretending to be her friend or what ever the case, as long as there is someone to keep her company.

My point, in my opinion, in my limited knowledge, it is almost impossible up to 99.9% for a rich girl like her not to have a girl-friend, fake or not. There should be another girl hanging out with her like most rich girls out there.
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