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Originally Posted by Rozen Van Kaizer View Post
But there has to be a single girl in the campus who can agree to "hang around and chill" with her right? My Japanese friends informed me about this issue in Japan and it really bugles(spelling?) my mind because its as easy as approaching a person and saying hi, meet people they know and so on and so on. Even in Japanese culture, not all girls in campus are competitive for guys right? Besides who doesn't want to hang around with a rich girl?
Different in culture, mate.
If you go acting like her, there is a very low chance you could find a single friend. It's not about competing for guys. It's about your attitude. If you leave a bad impression, chance is it will spread like fire, and hating you become a norm. After that, no one will approach you, or try to, unless they don't care what other people think about them, or they have some business with you.

And who said she loves to shell out cash to get friends? As far as I know (or read), she has never show she has a lot of cash to waste. That's one thing I like about her, a rich girl doesn't think everything could be solved with money, and spend them just like an ordinary girl (which is the same as one of my friend). She doesn't use her money to her advantage, and she doesn't want a friend by using money.

Mind you, people with a lot of cash always know those who gather around them mostly are not their friends. Sena want a true friend.
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