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Originally Posted by Lantern View Post
I kinda think that's the whole point. They are TOO self-aware for normal teenagers, and they simply don't have the right mentality or maturity to handle it, eventually leading to a break down. Simply put, these kids are overreacting over things that are trivial in most of our eyes (minus the attempted-rape trauma), when they are expected to be enjoying life as every other teenagers would do.

In a way it kinda makes sense why Heartseed find them "amusing". Their 5-men club is pretty much a collection of "odd-one-out" and their mentality is simply... weird, compared to other normal kids. You'd think each of the main cast have their own eccentricity/weirdness for Heartseed's "lolz meter".
I don't find the "5 Dads" thing especially trivial at all - it's very drama of the week for me. And the huge gap in seriousness between the three girls (to some extent excluding Inaba, who really is overstating her own problems) and the guys is pretty exasperating.
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