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I just finished the episode not to long ago, and wow, Himeko is so pervy that it's really amusing and at the same time unexpected because she doesn't look the type to tell someone her "personal activities" in a sexual pretext. She's just totally awesome!

Anyway, I really like the whole take on Iori and Himeko's conflicted issues on a internal and external interpersonal level. Iori seems to have "identity" issues because of her mothers marriages and divorces, and acting the way that she thinks that she should act to avoid unnecessary family drama. Himeko has trouble trusting others, but is willing to help and converse with others like nothing is happening, to the point where it's hurting her both physically and mentality. It still seems that she's still pushy when it comes to Tachi and Iori... I wonder if this'll come back to bite her later.

Still have to give Taichi props for sharing his most troublesome secret with Himeko because it seemed like it was going to be something serious, but something totally off and unexpected.: Yeah, what a really "magical" and interesting character to say something out of place and have it work in his favor.
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