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Originally Posted by GundamFan View Post
Hate it so far aside from Godou Annie is the only fairly normal Campione don't want to see her turned into a pedophile.

Well how the hell was I suppose to know that from your description I wasn't even sure which game you were talking about man. And really that's why I'm hoping Godou gets this sword sooner rather then later I hate having something that big tacted on the end and preferably it will be a female demigod afterall I'm sure Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi could use a companion.
A likely scenario is that after the Last King has be k.oed, V-tan would return and fight Godou again. Unlike many other gods, V-tan is actually still worshiped throughout the world. Godou can test his new weapon on V-tan. It's been implied a number of times that he would return. As for the game I was talking about, I actually thought it was in/famous enough that everyone would have known about it. It exists under the name of Fable. If there's actually any fight where Godou does not deserve to get an authority, it's the fight with V-tan. He was just taking a cheap shot at V-tan.

Either way, I have a question. Is Herakles also supposed to be Verethragna, or are they supposed to be different gods? It has been stated a number of times that Verethragna has great connections with Herakles, Indra, Ares and Horus.

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