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Originally Posted by 0utf0xZer0 View Post
Anyways, while I don't think this'll achieve the greatest of True Tears or Tari Tari PA Works has a very strong track record for me and one of the characters is a miko.
Fixed :3

To be honest, PA Works don't have the greatest record when they are not doing anime originals based on "slice of life/drama" settings, so I won't have high expectations of this one. Stuff like Canaan, Angel Beats and Another are not in the same league as True Tears, Hanasaku Iroha or Tari Tari since the three former titles trainwrecked pretty damn hard somewhere down the line. Yes, HSI sucked at parts but I wouldn't say it tranwrecked... Canaan, Angel Beats and Another had some pretty god awful plot twists that make cringe real hard.
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