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Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
That's what seriously pissed me off though about the complaints about K.

Ok, you don't like the show that's's not the best written series out there, but most of the complaints were seriously just because it focused more on guys than women.

But if Lt. Big Boobs and Neko were the stars, it'd be 'HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!!!'
Well said! I have noticed this quite a bit as well, K getting a lot of hate just because there isnt a primary female focus. I have even seen people label K as a BL series on seperate forums, which makes me sad and face palm at the same time. It is extremely ridiculous in my opinion but hey, what can you do?

Originally Posted by NK_500 View Post
Women are even weirder. They can hate moeblob shows like K-On and Hidamari Sketch but at same time indulging themselves something like Kimi to Boku(basically K-On with boys and even less music) and bishounen fanservice shows. Double standard at its finest. How some fangirls defended K amuses me, in bad way.
I think this be can applied to anyone and not just women. I for one was extremely bored with Hidamari Sketch and never intend to watch it again but loved both K-On and Kimi to Boku. It all comes down to personal taste really, or so I like to think.

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