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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
Hacking into major institutes system is more likely to get the FBI on your ass than into your regular joe/sally computer. It does happen though as we have seen in Sony case but this is usually done by a different group of people and more often than not, without monetary motivation.

WoW and recently Diablo 3 is targeted for the monetary value inherent in it. Actually there have been cases where people who had their Diablo 3 account compromised and the culprit reactivated their WoW account to strip their assets.

As for paypal and credit cards, i ll have to research it up. My initial guess is that such intrusion are more prolific than game accounts and more likely to draw the enforcement agencies attention.
I'm not buying into the "people have their Diablo 3 account compromised and WoW account stripped" story very much. If that were the case, we should have seen a similar outrage with Starcraft 2's launch, as WoW is also linked with SC2. I haven't heard any Starcraft 2 hacking stories, at least, not to the extent of this Diablo 3. It could be coincidence, but at the same time, it may not be.

Still, I'm unconvinced that stripping a video game account of items is the most valuable thing a malevolent party would do to a person's computer with the kind of access which was had. I just find it strange how Diablo 3 was the only game worth having people's accounts compromised lately, especially since the auction house doesn't accept real currency yet (from what I hear).

Too many questions for me. For example, be playing WoW for years without incident and suddenly when Diablo 3 comes out, your Diablo 3 account becomes compromised. If it were an account hack, the coincidence of these two events (diablo 3 release and account compromise) as well as this recent burst of "Diablo 3 account hacking" cases seems like it fits too nicely to be a simple "your password sucks/ your computer got hacked," case.
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