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Lol, Kirito used the Force without being told to. Also, the opponent had the sword stuck in him for 5 seconds before he died. That's so brutal, it's awesome!

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no StarWars joke, yet?
I guess all used up last week?
It's ok. We can reuse them throughout the season.
Sword Art Online: Alicization Summaries of Web Chapter 7 & 8

"If thou find thy neighbor trying to touch thy loli, thine right for crotch related violence is justified. Thou dost unleash upon those foolish lot thy righteous fury.

If in which the unlucky knaves miss death's sweet release, upon the males, a change of fate shall befall them. For they shall become "man-woman", harbingers of doom & fashionable clothing tastes."

--From the Book of Haulia

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