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Originally Posted by Komari View Post
I'll try to think up some:
1) moe moe kyun (moe_moe_kyun)
2) Black Haired Beauty
3) Black Haired Bassist
4) Let's Go, Mio!
5) Miocchi
6) Micchan
7) Micchin
8) Mio-chin
9) Akiyama-san
10) Akiyama-chan <--that's kinda weird actually, dont use that
11) Akiyama-sempai
12) Akiyama
13) Mio Akiyama
14) Akiyama Mio
15) Mio the Maid
16) Mio the Moe
17) Moe Mio
...and remember you can always use any name, taken or not, and add some random numbers on the end to make it original and usuable. e.g. 'Mio'-->'Mio5586'
Hehe, thanks a bunch.. I couldn't come up with so much, and I really liked "Miocchi", "Micchan" and "Mio-chin" maybe I try one of those.

I like simple nicknames, so I don't really like to add anything in the nickname that won't look good, like I could've use something like "Mio..", because I can't use space, and I guess all allowed symbols are " . - * [ ] "
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