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hey guys do you believe that indra stole true longinus, annihilation maker and dimension lost for the stated reason personally i think it was to protect itself from Vali and Issei should they ever decide that the strongest war god needs to be humbled a bit.
No, Indra/ Sakra is simply a bastard who wants to "train" Cao Cao that way for his own pleasure.

Indra couldn't care less what happens to Cao Cao, George, or even Leonardo.

It wouldn't surprise me if Leonardo became the "final boss" of this manga.

Look at what's happened to him.

Kidnapped,mind controlled, and having his sacred gear forcefully exploited by Cao Cao and the "hero" faction.

The one person who has shown even a little concern for his well being is dead. (I'm sure Cao Cao or George will at one point say the Gremory clan killed him, but won't elaborate why or tell him that Sigfreed is the one who attacked the Gremory first.)

He was kidnapped from the "hero" faction and traumatically forced into BB mode summoning the Bandersnatch and Jaberwock monsters by a devil, Shalba.

Now he's being forced to endure the "Realm of the Dead" by Indra.

Little by little, his life is just more and more trauma and betrayal. I foresee him getting quite bitter and angry and just plain wanting revenge on the world, and using "annihilation maker" and the new "real" Ophis to do so probably starting with his "allies" in Kaos Brigade and working outward from there.
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