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Not so much a double standard in that Nomi's pretty much forcing neotare onto Chiyu in having her cheer for him instead of Taku or being with Haru, and he's going to flaunt it in front of everyone - that he's so amazing and unstoppable because of Brain Burst.

It may be my uncaring American side talking but - ruining my social standing by having 'footage' of a female friend of mine in the locker room?
Really...? That's the best you can come up with? *pawnch*

This doesn't excuse Haru's behavior, despite all the crap he's gone through. What is Nomi going to do - duel Kuroyukihime and say something like he'll never give Haru's wings back unless she starts doing what he wants? It's almost laughable to even imagine it...
Taku would impale him ten thousand times worse than Vlad the Impaler could ever do, and let's not get started on what Kurohimeyuki would do to that s.o.b.
I bet he would say something like if he gets forced out of Brain Burst that the abilities he stole would never come back just to try and save his own skin.
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."
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