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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I'm having a conflicted feeling about this. I don't like the way FT was treated in the previous chapter (getting pummeled one-sidedly by their enemies), but it's also strange to see them owning their enemies in this fight Nice chapter though.
Well the fight is just getting started Sting and Rouge weren't going all out since they weren't using Dragon Force and I can see why they wouldn't want too if they didn't need it. Natsu hasn't used Lightning Flame spells and we know don't what all Gajeel is capable of so the momentum could go back and forth acouple times.

Personally I'm a little disappointed in Sting and Rouge's powers I was really hoping there Dragon Lacrima was going to be a different element from there old style dragon magic but it's not unexpected.

Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
I bet their dragons wanted to die, if they really did kill them. So much for Sting's statement though, if Natsu could get the first strike, it's certain that Acnologia would too...and it would not be as pretty.
Or maybe they killed each other's dragon's with a blitz attack after they got the lacrimas plus we don't know how strong there dragons were. As far as Acnologia goes I don't really think it would make a difference even if both Sting and Rouge attacked first while in dragon force mode and used an advanced spell I doubt it would be enough to really hurt Acnologia much less kill him and we know how much damage his attacks can do.
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