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So, that's my opinion:

Well, Suou's dream (and Shion too, I think) was to live with her family a happy life. So he created this new Earth. But he couldn't go there because Izanami absorved his "ghost". That's probably part of the deal, whatever it may be.

He also manipulated the memories of the ME network and the "doll system". Now, I think bones got too emotional. If the meteor fragment was broken, why would Suou remember Hei and Shion (that origami in the shape of a blue star and the red one)? So Suou miss her twin, but the parents don't miss their son?

July probably didn't recognizes Suou. It doesn't make any sense (not that it need make any).

Yin body was standing still when Hei touched her in the chest. So she was out of her comatose state. I don't think that Hei was going to kill Yin because:

- He wanted to kill Izanami, not Yin. It was made more clear after Golgo told him that Yin at first constrained Izanami and put herself in a comatose state.

- Hei called "white Yin" of ... Yin. What Izanami said with "it's not too late?". Too late for what? Kill her and stop the process? After he told Suou that she wouldn't need a gun to where she was going? If killing her wouldn't not stop the process, why would he kill her anyway?

In my opinion, Izanami told him that it was not too late to save Yin. Izanami herself was already mergerd with Shion's ghost/Izanagi's power and could make a new body for her/him (the little devil brat that resembles Yin-Izanami and Shion-Izanagi).
Maybe with the death of Yin, the birth of this new being could be stopped, but after Yin said to Hei to kill her he gave a smile of defeat. How would he kill the woman that he already lost once, when he thought that she was evil? She was right in his front willing to be killed and stop Izanami's plan.

Bones will not shoot at her own foot. Why would her kill Yin? Evebody is crazy to get the OVAs and learn what happened with Yin...

Suou was the motivation for Shion, and for her sake he gave himself to Izanami. In the end, Izanami/Yin and Izanagi/Shion where the main characters of the plot. Suou was the main character of the show, but for now she don't have anymore significance for the show.

Yin was just a host for Izanami, that's why it was a so called pregnancy.

And I agree with much of what stuopidget and nightengale said.
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