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If Yin is still alive and comatose, she only has 14 days left to live anyways imo. If she lived, she took part in the "birth" of Kagutsuchi and contributed to the death of Old Earth. Killing her would have been the kindest thing to do imo.

Plus, if she was alive, he would have wrapped her in his coat imo.

So which sky do you think he is walking under? Old Earth or New Earth? Misaki's epilogue said that she never saw him again.

Being an optimist, I root New Earth. Suou having a feeling that someone is watching over her comes true.

Originally Posted by Battler-kun View Post
No , not at all.
1. She is just a copy/doll
2. She is still alive
3. She didn't contribute much anyways

-> absolute wayne

In season 1 she would get 2 episodes and that's about it.
The whole season is about Suou and Hei. Saying she didn't contribute is so off base it's ridiculous. She's not a doll.

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Am I the only one who found the Hei x Suou moment very touching? I know Hei is special, but arent contractors supposed to be not able to lie? He obviously knew they wouldn't be together.
No I found it touching and my favorite scene in the episode. The Hei awakening scene/music is second.

Edit: The Hei x Suou scene was as good as the "final money shot scene" in The Princess and the Frog. Hei gave Suou a proper send off imo.

And you never know. Suou is feeling that someone is watching over her. It could be him.

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