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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
... I don't think Hayate lasted even 10 minutes in her unison with Reinforce. Sorry, I just don't see it, Aki. I don't think a Unison Device is going to let Signum get back into the action.
Curious that you mention it, i don't think there's any official counting of the time spended with Reinforce but it was enough for:

-Cast the rebirth of the Wolkenritter(complete with epic Knight speeches from all four of them).
-Have a heartwarmly reunion with them as also forgive Vita.
-Talk to Nanoha and Fate and asking to Shamal for cure them.
-Have a freaking planning room chat with all the cast on various details from the constitution of the monster(which also take some time to born) to ways of defeating it to a little discussion about the use of the Arc-en-Ciel.
-The ensuing battle where she cast not one, but two humongous spells(the two with corresponding magic chant).
-A "give me five" with Nanoha and Fate.
-And then she finally faints surrounded by her knights xD.

Hardly all of that can be compressed under 10 minutes unless they're fighting on Namek xDU.

I won't try to convince you of the "Unison Recovery" hypothesis but i personally are against understimating Agito and Rein just because of their size and lack of juggernaut-esque powers(specially Rein, she's after all, Reinforce I's daughter/reincarnation). Just pointing out the "10 minutes" thing xD.
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