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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
So far everyone in Jorumgand still lives.

I don't really watch those kinda of show, I think that's more to do with me just not interested in most adult protagonists stories... I've got western tv shows for that.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I can think of a lot of highschool and middle school protagonists that don't get perfectly happy endings.
Jormungand, on one hand, is the kind of show that pretty much screams to me "wear sunglasses and look cool" to enjoy, besides its premise being about an almost apathetic lead of a group of mercenaries, who pretty much defines "service with a smile" to the T... and having some characters likening her to a "dragon", everyone in the story is pretty happy to me. Well, the protagonists' side, at least.


I think that as adults, we tend to get skeptical and/or critical over ideals, especially ones which Sagara has himself said he wanted to achieve and that he believes he can do it. Maybe we call it "growing out of it", but to me honestly there's nothing wrong in him wanting to realize his wish.

In a general POV, we tend to think too much on whether he can and will have the capacity to achieve it (as we do on some other protagonists who have a very high standard of ideals), because that was our main concern for these protagonists.

Just my two cents.

Originally Posted by chad001 View Post
Solutions to all problems? Be a kid. Deny the values of adults.
Being a kid does have its perks, you know, sometimes greater than what the adults could hope for. Which is why there are people who feel like they want to go back being a child.

And then there's Nobusumi...

Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
Not sure what power ups they would have, pretty much Oda Nobuna no Yabou is all about battle tactics, techniques, and strategy.
Mental capacity level ups? Nah, just kidding. Besides, Sagara ending up in the Sengoku Era, although different than that from his own, his knowledge on it pretty much has been backing him a lot, though I wonder how much longer he can keep depending on it for his own good myself.
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