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Granted, I expect she'll do something FINALLY in the next episodes.
I'm still holding out for an ending where she loses and everything goes up in flames (her blaming Maria as the narrator gives me some slim hope), and humanity becomes lobotomized and takes up a role in the rat hegemony that rats had in human society, but it's far more likely at this point that if Maria's child isn't a fiend, and really does self-identify as a rat, and that's why she/he (sorry, everyone calls it a he, but the thing looks like a girl, so confusing), is able to kill humans with impunity, then Saki is going to try (and likely succeed) to connect with that child at some level, to make it realize those silly humans she/he has been killing aren't just insects under the metaphysical magnifying lens.

Though, with 2? 3? episodes left, I can't see any way this actually concludes in a satisfactory way on the whole human/rat/corner humans have put themselves into in response to their cantus situation, and I kind of suspect it's all going to largely be inconclusive on that front, and end on a more personal level of simple closure for Saki and her ties to Maria's child. And, her narration blaming Maria will come across as overly dramatic and largely inconsequential to the actual conclusion of this story.

I'd certainly love to be proven wrong, because I really enjoyed this show up until this arc (and do enjoy most elements of this arc, other than Saki and the knowledge that it has to somehow conclude in 2-3 more episodes).
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.

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