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Dear lord, a mass of posts.
Well, like I've said, I think it's fairly reasonable for Saki to regress because all these events are breaking her. On the other hand, I also agree that a protagonist really needs to make a choice for themselves or the show will just devolve to slasher film levels, and that would not be cool.
I disagree. After all, she did what she had to do and she wasn't spent. But come to think of it, maybe the anime emphasized Saki's distress.

Certainly not anything incredibly badass, but clearly she must have found something in all these years of introspection. Does Saki have nothing else to offer but a broken soul and fear? Sure it makes sense, but it's not that satisfying.
And I guess the emphasis might be intentionally done by the anime. I had kind of guessed Saki's remembering of and reunion with Shun was planned to be dramatic one. But I was actually impressed by the scene of a long shot of Saki and co. when they were children, which she really cared and miss. It seems to me the childhood arc finally paid off. At least it succeeded in making me empathize with her situation.

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Spoiler for My preferred ending...:
Saki tied to Squealer by a red string?
Spoiler for possibly a spoiler:
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