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Uff! Heavy dialogue I got in this episode.

The notion is that the fiend might actually not be a fiend, but a feral child who did not have his Cantus tampered with due that the Queerats raised him.

Now, since the demise of the Giant Hornet's colony there's been a lot of speculation on Kiroumaru. How can we be sure for Saki to trust him, since Inui put forth on light with theories that Kiroumaru has not properly explained his actions for going with them to Tokyo again, in spite that his first expedition to Tokyo turned quite disastrous?

Finally, I will be honest to comment that Shun's reappearance before Saki did not play enough of an impact to call the closing of this episode memorable or mind-blowing.

The enigma is whether Saki, after recalling her memories about Shun back, has given momentary life to Shun's memory? or is he just an illusion or a construct of her thoughts?
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