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L can't have geaased her to forget EVERYTHING, unless he's leaving school, and taking Nunnally too. It would raise too many questions with others, since they are both on the student council.

What is the significance of chibi-Kallen's hugging some boy in the preview. Am I the only one freaking out over possible childhood friend comes back and makes a bid for Kallen's heart scenario?

Ouch LL got trashed by Mao in chess, the number of uber eyes AND the evil face department. Ganbare!

Methinks Ougi will tell Zero; next to Kallen, he's the most loyal. Not like he can let her loose. Good job sunrise, I like the sudden injection of Ougi x Viletta. Shall the Purist career soldier be moved by the kindness of an Eleven?

I'm not surprised Shirley got geassed, it was either that or she dies right? Although i understand the feeling that it seems we haven't gotten anywhere last 2.5 episodes this way. They at least threw in unexpected developments with Viletta. Whatever, as long as LL x Shirley is axed.

Nina is fatal attraction char #1, Mao is #2, who's next? (some of us may argue Suzaku is #3 towards Zero)

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