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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I am kind of amused that Yayoi who barely had a part in the series has the longest character thread.
Maybe it's because none of the other characters have much that's worth discussing?

To be fair, most of the character discussion was safely contained in the episode threads. And Yayoi also seems to have the most fanart as well. I'm as perplexed by this as you are.

Originally Posted by Kakkou View Post
But seriously, Yayoi ended up being the most underdeveloped of the main cast. Okay, Shion is but the show never really tried to make it look like they were gonna give her much focus in the first place unlike Yayoi. If anything she was the most useless in terms of story progression. Everyone including Shion had either an active role or purpose while she's... just there. I wouldn't even be bothered by this had they not wasted an entire episode on her only for it to amount to nothing since she remained furniture till the end. I wonder why they even felt the need to flesh her out when characters like Kagari don't even get a flashback before getting Dominated.
Episode 12 was the only episode that wasn't written by Urobuchi Gen and Fukami Makoto. It's possible that the creators planned to give that other writer more input on Yayoi's character, but they botched the writing process in the show. In any case, episode 12 was probably the weakest episode in the whole show. Not only was it not very good, but it came at the worst possible time, and it had no impact on either the rest of the show or the characters.

Originally Posted by Kakkou View Post
Hell they could've used the extra episode for Masaoka and Gino's past or a deeper look into Sibyl or whatever. They could have done a lot more with Yayoi but it just ends up half-assed in the end that I rather they did not.
An extra episode wouldn't have done much to improve the show though. The main cast should have received most of their characterization in all of those investigation episodes rather than be given extended (and likely boring) flashbacks.
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