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Personally, if there's some big issue, make it only available for sale online where a credit/debit card is required. If anything, the controversy will only help boost sales in "certain" demographics.
I believe there are two possible causes for this press release by Seven Seas.

The first one may have been Zac Bertschy trolling the crap out of them with his last Answerman column in his typical "anime is for cool people; Escaflowne rocks; pedos, stay away" style. I read his column because he does offer *some* insight about the american anime industry, but whenever he starts talking niché anime, he turns into Holy Jesus himself. It's probably been a while since I haven't replied in the post-Answerman discussion threads on their forum where I'd suggest him or one of his colleagues to quit the biz.

The second one may be more likely--Seven Seas are effectively creating buzz to boost their future sales. If that's truly the case, I have to applaud them; they did good.

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I guess the domain name "anime news network" causes me to have a certain level of expectation about what they do. Unfortunately, with the broken state of "news" in general today, they may not understand what good news reporting means anymore
AnimeNewsNetwork is a business driven mostly by ad revenues. When content by itself doesn't suffice anymore, you either have to cover various controversial news or alter news so it draws in more visitors. The following (hidden in the spoiler tag) is what dormcat, one of their "senior" encyclopedist volunteers had to tell about the very people he helps with finding news and updating their encyclopedia.
Spoiler for PM discussion:
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