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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 8.5/10 - Much more than cute, meanwhile the cute has gotten a real kick in the but. I am up to date, towards the end of the 2nd season and I really can't say it can be better. It's as well as one could expect such a game world derived from 3-4 games like War of Warcraft, Diablo, Dungeons and Dragons and who knows what else. It's cute, it's well drawn, it's awesome at times, it's well written. The fights are cool, the story is as good as one could hope for in a game, and for once humanity is not at the center of things (even less than in Overlord), if anything, they are a hindrance and bad at that too, mostly no more than mere pawns. The 2nd season surpasses the 1st and it's not finished yet! I'm a put it on par with the best game anime I have seen thus far. Absolutely worth the recommendations people give it.

So update: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime = The Rising of The Shield Hero > Log Horizon = Overlord > Goblin Slayer > SAO. For game anime shows. Although it's hard to compare them, except Goblin Slayer and SAO which are good too, the rest are all excellent.

PS: Has anyone played Diablo? Now that was an awesome game with all sorts of uber-super-duper demons. Hah, it's possibly at the heart of this anime's creation. The author must have loved playing it.

Re Zero 8/10 - This is one sick anime. It's probably the most game-like out of the game type anime but it feels the least like that when you watch. It has a wade variety of sweet characters that live in a world of combined fascination and shit, dunno about the fascination part but there's so much shit here that it engulfs pretty much anyone and everyone. It's sickening and vile but also you can't stop watching it. This boy main character is trapped in a new world that he deems interesting, until he finds out he has no power whatsoever except dyeing and resetting the game from the closest setpoint, a survival game in which he is utterly defenceless, his only weapon: not giving up if one can. And there's a trick: he can't tell anyone about it, of course, if he does, he kills that person instantaneously (he should have done it to his enemies lol, unless they're beasts and can't comprehend language). I'm more than half through the 2nd season, it's an elaborated anime not just about the main character like others, it's about quite a few that leaves one wanting like Beatrice a doll-lolly girl with a frustrated attitude and a very cute voice - the library spirit, Rem and Ram 2 demon girls that surround the life of our main character with twists and turns both inside and outside, and our alter-protagonist Emilia which is a half human, half elf spirit user; a dweller of the game world. By rights this anime deserves recommendation but it takes some getting used to, 1st several episodes you tend to think it's nothing all that special but then it hits you like a disease until you feel helpless and sickened to the core.
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