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Originally Posted by Shredder
Part of what detracts from Haruhi is some of its fans. I've seen concurrence on this point elsewhere. I don't see this kind of zealous devotion to series like School Rumble, and it makes it easier to simply enjoy them. I'm pushed to find faults in this series just to avoid becoming a zealot.
So what you're saying is that if School Rumble was more "popular" and had more "fans" talking about it you would drop it because of that... I take it that you're one of those lost souls who abandons a particular show just because it "becomes popular..." Sad, really.

Originally Posted by Shredder
For all of this series' supposed merits, it hasn't found the same appreciation as Spirited Away or some other Ghibli flicks and other series. In fact, if Haruhi were uglier, not only would the popularity drop off but also no characters in the show would accept her, seeing as she has few other redeeming traits.
Well, Ghibli flicks aren't adapted from light novels (which are selling like hotcakes in East Asia...whoops! That dreaded "popular" meter is running dangerously high!) serialized in monthly magazines. And you're also implying that ugly people have few redeeming traits... what a shallow form of reasoning! And since your main point seems to be "if it's popular, it sucks!" your arguments don't have any legs to stand on.

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