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Originally Posted by Shredder
I'm not anti-popular at all. In fact my anti artsy fartsy mentality is very much in favor of mainstream hits. Which is why I can't appreciate 3 min steaks of watching ppl read books for their artistic value vs their mainstream (or lack thereof) appeal. Let's face it, a lot of ppl didn't like ep1. Heater ep had its moments, mainly toward the end, but overall it too was lacking. If BT activity is dropping for this series, then--as I brought up in this or another nearby thread--apparently this series will not in fact stand the test of time very well.

SR's quite popular and I liked it. I thought the popularity was well founded. This, however, is more popular--sort of the it show that has drawn a large bandwagon. And I think ppl too willingly jump/hang on to that bandwagon. I guess once one immerses and devotes oneself to something to wholly, it's hard retaining objectivity, much less turning back.
I'll give you that.

However, in regards to your last sentence: isn't the opposite also true?
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